To What Extent Will a New Heat Pump Cost?

February 24, 2020

Whether you’ve been planning for heat pump installation in Auburn and Opelika or it’s an sudden investment, your main question is more than likely related to price.

Homeowners generally spend approximately $4,068–$7,160 for a average heat pump, as stated by HomeAdvisor.

High-efficiency heat pumps typically are priced at $7,000¬–$10,000, however they guarantee continued cost savings. Not to mention, their price tag could be paid back by tax credits and refunds, aimed at geothermal or solar models.

Regardless, it’s important to notice your amount can fluctuate based upon model, installation and productivity. And there’s a lot of other characteristics that influence cost.

That’s why it’s vital to speak with an HVAC expert like Farnell Mechanical, Inc. at 334-524-2458 about which exact heat pump is right for your home.

Here are some other facts that play a part in heat pump price.

Heat Pump Efficiency

You must first consider what type of heat pump is appropriate for your requirements.

Heat pumps are manufactured as single-stage, multi-stage and high-performance, variable-speed models. Our professionals can explain to you what each has to offer and explore which option would work best in your home.

There are several other elements that go into picking a brand new heat pump, from efficiency ratings to numerous technologies. Fortunately, we have a variety of affordable models that contribute to the comfort you expect.

Heat Pump Size

There are several varying sizes. Choosing the incorrect one may create more expenses or enjoyment problems.

If your system is the wrong size, it won’t have to run very long to reach the preferred temperature. This means it’ll continually be reheating or cooling down. It’ll operate harder than it has need to, which can force it to fail earlier than expected and increase your energy costs.

If your system is inadequate, it can’t maintain the proper temperature. You’ll discover your house isn’t the comfort level you’d like. And once again, the HVAC system will be working overtime.

A trained expert like one from Farnell Mechanical, Inc. can conduct an energy calculation. This will have an impact on precisely which system you need.

An energy evaluation provides:

  • Square footage
  • Area climate
  • Insulation
  • Home construction
  • Dwelling size
  • Roofing


This offers a more precise estimate of which heat pump size will be right for you.

Discover the Appropriate Heat Pump with Professional Assistance from Farnell Mechanical, Inc..

Starting the process of looking for a brand new heat pump can be intense. But the specialists at Farnell Mechanical, Inc. can assist you.

We’ll assess your house and assist you to choose the most efficient option for you and your loved ones.

Get in touch with us at 334-524-2458 or contact us online to make an appointment as soon as possible.